It wasn’t that zippy?

Inexperienced to the German Riesling, i was keen to get a long to work my way through some of the best that could be offered on my budget.   Were there some winners?    Absolutely!   Mainly ME!    Winning the door price, which came with the condition of minimum spending to get the prize.   All of a sudden I didn’t feel so lucky.

On to the wine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this tasting with the Grosse Gewachs were more reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc tasting, than a Riesling.    The crowd pleasing off dry styling of Joh. Jos. Prüm was always going to be a hit with some of the locals, as too was his table mate Carl von Schubert Weingut.   The sweeter (off-dry if you’re being picky) style seems to work with some people and definitely with Asian food, so i am told.   Could it be because it tastes like Chicken??    Hmmmm….

The Riesling winner for mine went to Weingut Dönnhoff.   The complexity was defining and the wines were overall, MOREISH!

However, if i am being honest, overall a lot of these wines just lost it for me in the mid palate.   They were very drinkable but nothing was spectacular.   I was looking for slightly more than was delivered.   Sometimes, that happens so the search will need to continue.

The BIG winner of the entire tasting just happen to go to the dark horse in the corner.    A Spätburgunder (AKA Pinot Noir) from a Bernhard Koch.   IT was truly amazing but for the same price as a 1er Cru Burgundy, i guess it should be….. so now, a new search has begun for the Spätburgunder……….. stay tuned…..



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